The Knackered Parents' Book Club

Welcome to the knackered parents' book club. This is a club intended for those who used to like reading and maybe fun stuff like going to the cinema and having drinks with friends. Before children (BC) reading a book was no big deal; now even purchasing a book has to be carefully planned (FYI: WH Smith has very narrow isles and an unnecessary selection of counter sweets).


Our aim is to ATTEMPT to read a book each month and then ATTEMPT to discuss said book and the process of trying to read it. Whether you read one page or the whole book we care about how you got there.


We have somehow managed to sleepwalk our way to book four, Dear Mrs Bird, by AJ Pearce.   If nothing else this book has made me feel lucky that I'm not trying to bring up small people during the second world war!


It's good to get a little perspective sometimes.  We'll be meeting on Tuesday 29th May to discuss the book and as always I'll write a blog with some of our ideas from the night.

Keep reading.  Tomorrow is a new day.