The Knackered Parents' Book Club reviews I See You by Clare Mackintosh.

We have successfully completed book 2 here at the Knackered Parents' Book Club! Well done to everyone for continuing to read, getting back into reading or just attempting to read. You should all be proud of yourself.

Last night we met for the second time to discuss our verdicts of I See You by Clare Mackintosh. I forgot to take a group photo, so here's one of me holding the book....see PROOF I read it. I even look slightly creepy.

ANYWAY, here are some of our thoughts:

Let's start with the positives (as though we were dealing with a tantruming toddler. 'I really like the way you shared that glitter with your sister before you both threw it all over my carpet.')

-It is set in London and one of the main protagonists, Zoe, lives in Crystal Palace. I have just moved from Crystal Palace and we all agreed that it was great being able to visualise the areas being described.

-The main characters were WOMEN and they were in their 30s and 40s and normal looking. I KNOW.

-There is some good descriptive detail that create moments the reader can relate to. 'the woman immediately in front of me moves her shopping bag and I hear the unmistakable clink of a wine bottle.' I love the word 'clink'. The use of onomatopoeia creates quite a vivid picture of Friday night on the tube. Clink.

Okay now for the negatives.

-We just didn't find the story believable. The idea that men were willing to pay thousands of pounds to download someone's commute just seems farfetched. I have never stalked anyone, but couldn't they just follow the person themselves? Also what was the point of the advert in the Gazette when all the information was on the website. Without already knowing about the website you wouldn't know what the advert was for.

-The twists were too obvious. We felt aware of the writer trying to point the finger at nearly every character. This made the plot seem a tad contrived. I don't think any of us were particularly surprised by the final twist...

So in conclusion, it's an easy read, but not the edge of your seat thriller we were hoping for.

Our verdict: three stars.

Please add any thoughts you have about the book and feel free to disagree with me!

Our next book will be Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine by Gail Honeyman. You have unitl the 17th April. Get reading!

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