The Knackered Parents' Book Club reviews 'I'll be gone in the Dark' by Michelle McNamara

We have attempted to read five books now and are developing the confidence/arrogance of a newly potty trained toddler (I've got this, what was all the fuss about...oops I've pooed in the garden).

This month we attempted a true crime book written by the journalist Michelle MacNamara. It details the crimes and the investigation surrounding the Golden State Killer. A man who terrorised California in the 70s and 80s, with countless rapes and murders to his name (light reading, right?) Sadly, Michelle died half way through writing the book and her friend and author Gillian Flynn finished it off. You get a real sense of the obsession Michelle developed for the case, which at the time of publishing the book, had remained unsolved for 25 years.

The subject matter is grisly, but the focus of the book is on the details and the process of the investigation. There were a lot of details and most of us were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of facts. Only five out of the eleven of us that met actually finished the book. It also seemed to jump about in time and this coupled with the unfamiliar geographical description of Sacramento and the surrounding areas made for some hard reading.

We unanimously agreed that our next book will not be crime fiction! But it's always good to experiment with new genres and interestingly enough a couple of months ago the Golden State Killer was finally caught using a DNA site. I now have an unhealthy obsession with the case and my google history has got even more bizarre:

Why is my son pooing in the garden?

Where do bluebottle flies come from?

How did the serial killer (Golden State Killer) get caught?

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