Picture Book of the week Darth Vader and son by Jeffrey Brown

This week's picture book goes a little bit over my head, as I am not a Star Wars fan. It is also not strictly speaking a picture book, but a comic? Well I have also never really been interested in comics....HOWEVER, my husband is definitely a Star Wars fan and I think he probably used to read a lot of comics. So, that is why we own Darth Vader and son.

As unlikely a choice as this would be for me to pick up and read to my kids, they keep choosing it for themselves. I asked Ella why she liked it and this is the conversation:

Me: Why do you like this book?

Ella: Because I like Star Wars and I like Princes Leia.

Me: But Princess Leia isn't in this book. (apart from on one page where 4 year old Luke says he doesn't want a sister)

Ella: Oh right. Well I like where Luke blows bubbles. (Darth Vader tells 4 year old Luke off for blowing bubbles through a straw)

Ella was also very concerned when Darth Vader is trying to talk to his master and Luke keeps interrupting by saying 'Dad' repeatedly.

I find it interesting that they are so taken with this book. There isn't a story as such, but lots of separate moments showing Darth Vader with his son. Put together you get an overall impression of their relationship. Darth Vader loves his son but is also trying to rule the galaxy.

It's hard trying to have a career with young kids, so I do kind of feel sorry for Darth.

Buy this book if you love Star Wars, or if you just want to expose your kids to something different. They might surprise you by actually liking it; a lot!

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