Picture Book of the Week

Daisy and the Beastie by Jane Simmons

This lovely book follows Daisy (who is a duckling) and Pip (an even smaller duckling) as they search around a farm yard looking for a 'Beastie' their Grandpa has told them about in a story. Spoiler alert! The 'Beastie' turns out to be a cat and her kittens. My daughter was genuinely on the edge of her seat when the ducklings enter the dark barn and two orange eyes stare back at them. I actually think she was a bit disappointed that it wasn't something more threatening. However, kittens are cute; ducklings are cute and at the end they play together!

The illustrations are Monetesque, not entirely in focus, but capturing the feeling of a cosy farm yard. Well that's my impression anyway (get the pun?).

Here is a transcript of my children's review of the book.

Ella: This book is called Daisy and the Beastie and what I like about it is the cat bit and they all say Meow.

Eddie: This book is Daisy and Beastie and I like Meow.

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