Picture Book of the week

So like it or not nearly every book on your kid's shelf is probable written by Julia Donaldson (seriously, she's written a lot of books). We all love the Gruffalo, but I'd never even heard of Paper Dolls, until it appeared out of nowhere on my daughter's shelf (which, by the way, is a phenomenon that deserves it's own blog post). It's a beautiful story about paper dolls who are taken on adventures by a little girl's imagination and even when they are snipped into pieces by a (slightly scary) scissor yielding boy, they join back together in the girl's memory. It deals with loss in a very gentle way and I have to admit I had a tear in my eye at the end.  The kids also loved the illustrations and were obsessed with the paper dolls' names.  "Ticky and Tacky, Jim with two noses, Tacky the Backy and Joe with the bow"  It's definitely worth adding to your Julia Donaldson collection with this one.

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