Learning to read again

Does parenting young children effect your ability to use more than two syllable words?

Hello everyone. So, book club is throwing up some very interesting deficiencies in my ability to read more than two (at a push 3) syllable words. I'm assuming that like anything, a lack of practice, has a direct effect on ability. If it's not this then I really have lost brain cells that aren't coming back! Last night I found myself stumbling over the word imperceptibly (an impressive 5 syllables). I challenge you to think of a 5 syllable word that you use on a daily basis while bringing up very small children.  My vocabulary now mostly includes the following words/phrases:


The Sun isn't up yet

Oats, pops or puffs?

Don't hit your sister/brother

bite your sister/brother

put your dinner in your slipper

Where's my phone?

Where have you hidden my phone?

Find my phone (hidden in the Christmas tree..noted for next year)

This scientific study proves that on average a parent of young children is using an overwhelming majority of one and two syllable words.  Now four and five syllable words make me feel almost nostalgic.

So thank you Matt Haig for using the word 'imperceptibly'. It's a great word. 

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