Hi! I'm Cat

Mummy Make Me A Story has come about after quite a long learning curve.  Just after the birth of my first child, when I stopped sleeping, I wrote a story called 'The Little Girl Who Couldn't Sleep', really just for something to do to keep me a little bit sane.  I was a secondary English and Drama teacher, so I have always been interested in story telling.  I thought nothing more of it until my mum read the story and liked it (obviously she's my mum, but I promise she's a tough critic).  I suggested that she do some illustrations for the story and there you have it. 


Well, I wish it was that easy.  I went down the normal route of sending it off to various literary agents, most of which said there was at least a 12 week wait to hear back, if they got back at all.  Some were 6 months!  It was also unusual for a writer and illustrator to submit a 'finished product' together.  Normally a picture book story would be sent and they would then employ an illustrator of their own or vice versa I guess.  We were a team and had created something together; mother, daughter and granddaughter were involved in the process and that was very important to us.   Well after a few e-mails saying we like your work but it's not right for our list etc, I decided to take matters into my own hands and self publish. 


I used a self publishing company to publish the first edition of the book.  Personally I found the process very frustrating and disappointing.  I didn't have control, I ended up not being totally happy with the finished product and not sure what I had paid for.  Not being the giving up type, I then had a brain wave.  Why am I paying a company to do what I could do myself?  They don't care that I'm a tired mum of three small children, or about the love that had gone into making it (not that they necessarily should), but I do! 


Mummy Make Me A Story aims to write, illustrate and design picture books with the parent and the child at the forefront of everything we do.  Being a parent is so tough and we want to celebrate all those tired mums and dads out there.  We're actually pretty awesome.   


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